Our dogs & cat





Being in a new country not knowing anyone can be very lonely. Soon after Alexandra moved to Canada, we decided to welcome a dog in our family to help with the transition and, well, because we love dogs. We searched through all kinds of rescue and adoption web pages for months. When we finally saw Simon, we knew he was meant to be our dog. Simon spent part of his childhood in a high-kill shelter in Montreal before being rescued by an adoption organization, one day before he was to be euthanized. He was born in 2012 and was about 7 months old when we adopted him. To Alexandra, Simon became an extremely important partner. They helped each other adapt and enjoy life in this completely new environment. Simon is —to the both of us— a big part of our life. We sometimes feel he’s is a bit more of a human than a dog. He can feel and read every emotion and always knows when he’s needed. There wasn’t a single moment when Alexandra was a little homesick that Simon wasn’t immediately there for her. Another situation when you can always be sure Simon will show up? Food! Aside from going on walks, Simons biggest passion is food. He loves everything: fruits, vegetables and treats of course. He and his “brother” Clyde, whom we adopted later on, like to conspire to steal some food.




We had Simon for several years when we decided to look for a friend for him. Casually looking became more serious when we found little Clyde online. We immediately fell in love with his face but he was located in New York. (His rescue group saves dogs from the south of the US and brings them to NY to increase their chance of being adopted.) And so we decided to take a road trip to New York! Simon came too of course since he had to approve his new brother. The day of adoption was very stressful but exciting. We were very happy that Simon and Clyde liked each other right away, and started our journey home. Clyde was a little shy and scared for the first week but Simon helped him relax and get comfortable in his new home. Today, Clyde is a strong confident boy but he still needs lots of love, reassurance and cuddles to be happy. He has the most gentle and kind nature you can find in a dog. A perfect match for our family.



The mascot – Jackson, Jay, Jacky

In summer 2015, we found a pregnant cat in one of the apartments we have for rent. The previous tenant —who was nowhere to be found— had left her behind, locked in a closet. We decided to bring the pregnant cat home. After she gave birth and that the kittens were old enough, we found homes for each of them. All but one, whom we decided to keep: Jack. He grew up with dogs and to this day he still thinks he is part dog. He goes for walks with us, sometimes challenges the dogs for a little race and even plays with them as if he were a big tough dog. Jack is a very affectionate cat. He loves attention and cuddles but, being a cat of course, only on his terms. Still, he can be a bit selfish and bossy, ordering us around to open doors 100 times a day or to do another task he has for us. We can’t imagine not having this special little creature around.