House Rules

Check-in starts at 3PM. Check out is by 11AM. 

  • No pets allowed. For the comfort of our own pets, we usually do not allow any other animals in the house. Please send us a request if you wish to bring your pet with you. 
  • No-smoking.
  • No parties.
  • In order to help us keep the house clean we ask that all guests remove their shoes at the main entrance.
  • The fireplace is for decorative purposes only.
  • NO CANDLES or any other open fire.
  • Absolutely NO unregistered guests without prior approval.
  • Drugs of any kind are prohibited. This includes marijuana. Alcohol is OK.
  • NO smoking – or vaping – in the house. If you do smoke outside, please be courteous and do not litter.
  • Please do not cross the gate that leads to the other side of the barn from the parking lot without advising us. Behind the gate is where our animals have their pastures and where they are allowed to roam freely. If you would like to meet our animals we are more than happy to introduce you to our very friendly and lovable pets. Especially the horses! They can't get enough attention.
  • Unreturned and/or lost house keys will be charged a $25 replacement fee.
  • The property is equipped with a septic system and for that reason, please only flush the supplied toilet paper.


If you post photos of your time at Duldraeggan, we would love for you to TAG US on your social media: #DuldraegganMoments

About our animals

  • Dogs: Simon and Clyde are very friendly and fun dogs to be around. If you are a dog lover, you are more than welcome to meet them!
  • Horses: All of our horses are extremely friendly and love to cuddle. If you would like to get closer or if you want to take pictures with them, please let us know.
  • Please BE CAREFUL when petting them through the fence, as it is an electric fence.
  • For safety reasons, please DO NOT CROSS THE FENCE WITHOUT US. Even the friendliest horse can be dangerous when an intruder approaches.
  • Please DO NOT FEED the horses without our consent. Some of our horses may be following a special diet due to a very sensitive stomach, old age or temporary medical condition. If you would like to feed our horses, please also let us know. We will happily provide you with proper feed and show you how to feed them safely as well.
  • Cat: Our cat, Jack, is very friendly. Some guests like to bring him in their guest suite for some cuddles, and we are ok with that! We simply ask you to NOT FEED him.


All of our animals have regular veterinarian checkups and receive all recommended annual vaccines.